Young Women in the CRC 701
Bielefeld University

Young Women in the CRC 701 - The Initiative

Experiences show that it is less common for female students to start a PhD in mathematics or more so to continue as a PostDoc by their own initiative. They don't recognize their potential for a scientific career, although they manage to achieve highly in academic realm. In order to improve the support of young female researchers, the CRC 701 has founded the initiative Young Women in the CRC 701 at the University of Bielefeld.

Aim of this initiative is to

In addition to programs of financial support our initiative mainly aims at exchanging experiences and getting to know other female mathematicians. Therefore we are establishing a scientific network of young female scientists in the CRC 701 and the faculty of mathematics with joint activities and different events concerning a PhD in Mathematics.

Young Women in the CRC 701
top row f.l.t.r. Diana Kämpfe, Rebecca Reischuk, Marina Sertić, Andrea Nickel,
bottom row f.l.t.r. Cosima Aquilino, Katharina von der Lühe, Dr. Claudia Köhler, Nora Müller


7th Network Meeting, June 26th, 2017

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