Infinite Dimensional Analysis and Representation Theory
10th - 14th December, 2012 - Bielefeld University


The workshop is part of the conference program of the DFG-funded SFB 701 "Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics" at Bielefeld University.


Over the last years connections have been established between infinite and high dimensional analysis, dynamical systems, mathematical physics, stochastics and asymptotic combinatorics, the theory of high dimensional groups and algebras, their representations and harmonic analysis on them. The aim of this workshop is to give a forum to researchers interested in this interplay and to initiate interaction, exchange of concepts and ideas, and possible collaborations.

The workshop will be organized around a few survey talks which focus on some of these interrelations and which will be delivered by leading experts in the respective fields:

The programme will be supplemented by talks from other participants:


The schedule of the workshop can be found here in pdf-format. (as of December 3rd)

Further information

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All the talks will take place in V2-210/216 in the main building of the university.


A limited number of rooms has been reserved with the Arcadia Hotel in town.
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Social program


The excursion will take place on Wednesday afternoon, starting at 13:00.
We will hike to the café of the Bauernhaus-Museum Bielefeld, where we can have coffee and cake.

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Conference Dinner

The dinner will take place on Thursday evening 19:00 at Restaurant Bültmannshof.

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