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Preprints 2017

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17025 C. Huck PDF | PS.GZ
On the logarithmic probability that a random integral ideal is $\mathscr A$-free
Project: A1
17024 C. N. C. Manibo PDF | PS.GZ
Lyapunov exponents for binary substitutions of constant length
Projects: A1, B2
17023 W.-J. Beyn, E. Emmrich, J. Rieger PDF | PS.GZ
Semilinear Parabolic Differential Inclusions with One-sided Lipschitz Nonlinearities
Project: B3
17022 S. Jambor, A. Litterick, C. Marion PDF | PS.GZ
On finite simple images of triangle groups
Project: C12
17021 B. Gess, M. Maurelli PDF | PS.GZ
Well-posedness by noise for scalar conservation laws
Projects: B4, A9
17020 B. Baumeister, G. Kaplan PDF | PS.GZ
Critical maximal subgroups and conjugacy of supplements in finite soluble groups
Project: C13
17019 B. Baumeister, D. Kielak, E. Pierro PDF | PS.GZ
On the smallest non-abelian quotient of $\text{Aut}(F_n)$
Project: C13
17018 B. Baumeister, T. Gobet PDF | PS.GZ
Simple dual braids, noncrossing partitions and Mikado braids of type $D_n$
Project: C13
17017 A. Grigor'yan, Y. Lin, Y. Yang PDF | PS.GZ
Existence of positive solutions to some nonlinear equations on locally finite graphs
Projects: A6, A10
17016 A. Grigor'yan, Y. Lin, Y. Yang PDF | PS.GZ
Kazdan-Warner equation on graph
Projects: A6, A10
17015 A. Grigor'yan, Y. Lin, Y. Yang PDF | PS.GZ
Yamabe type equations on finite graphs
Projects: A6, A10
17014 A. Grigor'yan, S. Ishiwata, L. Saloff-Coste PDF | PS.GZ
Heat kernel estimates on connected sums of parabolic manifolds
Project: A6
17013 A. Grigor'yan, E. Hu, J. Hu PDF | PS.GZ
Lower estimates of heat kernels for non-local Dirichlet forms on metric measure spaces
Project: A6
17012 W. Hansen, I. Netuka PDF | PS.GZ
Nearly hyperharmonic functions and Jensen measures
Project: A6
17011 A. Girod, T. Hüls PDF | PS.GZ
On areas of attraction and repulsion in finite time dynamical systems and their numerical approximation
Project: B3
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