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Preprints 2014

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14080 B. Gess, P. E. Souganidis PDF | PS.GZ
Long-time behavior, invariant measures and regularizing effects for stochastic scalar conservation laws
Projects: B4, A9
To appear: Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics (2017)
14079 F. Flandoli, B. Gess, M. Scheutzow PDF | PS.GZ
Synchronization by noise
Projects: B4, A9
To appear: Probability Theory and Related Fields (2017)
14078 B. Gess, P. E. Souganidis PDF | PS.GZ
Scalar conservation laws with multiple rough fluxes
Projects: B4, A9
Published: Commun. Math. Sci. 13, no. 6 (2015), 1569-1597
14077 P. Friz, B. Gess PDF | PS.GZ
Stochastic scalar conservation laws driven by rough paths
Projects: B4, A9
To appear: Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré, Analyse Non Linéaire (2017)
14076 M. Baake, F. Götze, C. Huck, T. Jakobi PDF | PS.GZ
Radial spacing distributions from planar points sets
Projects: A1, B1
Published: Acta Cryst. A70 (2014), 472-482
14075 V. Bogachev, G. Da Prato, M. Röckner, S. Shaposhnikov PDF | PS.GZ
On the uniqueness of solutions to continuity equations
Project: B4
Published: J. Diff. Equations. 259, no. 8 (2015), 3854-3873
14074 S. Selberg, A. T. Temesgen PDF | PS.GZ
On the radius of spatial analyticity for the 1D Dirac-Klein-Gordon equations
Project: B8
Published: Journal of Differential Equations 259, no. 9 (2015), 4732-4744
14073 H. Cuypers, K. Roberts, S. Shpectorov PDF | PS.GZ
Recovering the Lie algebra from its extremal geometry
Project: C13
14072 S. Herr, A. T. Temesgen PDF | PS.GZ
Small data scattering for semi-relativistic equations with Hartree type nonlinearity
Project: B8
Published: Journal of Differential Equations 259, no. 10 (2015), 5510-5532
14071 K. Bogdan, Y. Butko, K. Szczypkowski PDF | PS.GZ
Majorization, 4G theorem and Schrödinger perturbations
Project: A8
14070 T. Hüls PDF | PS.GZ
A contour algorithm for computing stable fiber bundles of nonautonomous, noninvertible maps
Project: B3
Published: SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst. 15, no. 2 (2016), 923-951
Notes: DOI: 10.1137/140999815
14069 N. Strunk PDF | PS.GZ
Global Well-posedness of the Energy-Critical Defocusing NLS on Rectangular Tori in three Dimensions
Project: B8
Published: Differential and Integral Equations 28, no. 11-12 (2015), 1069-1084
14068 W.-J. Beyn, E. Isaak, R. Kruse PDF | PS.GZ
Stochastic C-Stability and B-Consistency of Explicit and Implicit Euler-Type Schemes
Project: A9
To appear: Journal of Scientific Computing 67, no. 3 (2015), 955-987
Notes: DOI 10.1007/s10915-015-0114-4
14067 D. Otten PDF | PS.GZ
The Identification Problem for complex-valued Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Operators in $L^p(\mathbb{R}^d,\mathbb{C}^N)$
Project: B3
Published: Semigroup Forum 95, no. 1 (2017), 13-50
14066 V. Bogachev, I. Malofeev PDF | PS.GZ
On surface measures generated by differentiable measures
Project: B4
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