Faculty of Mathematics
Collaborative Research Centre 701
Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics
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Current Projects

A: Stochastic and Dynamical Processes

A1 Spectral theory of aperiodic order
Principal Investigators: Michael Baake, Christian Huck
A3 Stochastic dynamics and bifurcations
Principal Investigator: Barbara Gentz
A4 Asymptotics of spectral distributions
Principal Investigators: Friedrich Götze, Holger Kösters
A5 Stochastic evolutions in continuum
Principal Investigator: Yuri Kondratiev
A6 Analysis and stochastic processes on metric measure spaces
Principal Investigator: Alexander Grigor'yan
A8 Fine properties of long-range operators and processes
Principal Investigator: Moritz Kaßmann
A9 Dynamics and asymptotic behaviour of stochastic evolution systems
Principal Investigators: Barbara Gentz, Wolf-Jürgen Beyn, Michael Röckner
A10 Nonlocal operators
Principal Investigators: Yuri Kondratiev, Alexander Grigor'yan, Moritz Kaßmann

B: Spectral Structures

B1 Asymptotic distributions, lattices and groups
Principal Investigators: Friedrich Götze, Kai-Uwe Bux
B2 Combinatorial and topological structure of aperiodic tilings
Principal Investigators: Michael Baake, Franz Gähler
B3 Numerical analysis of equivariant evolution equations
Principal Investigator: Wolf-Jürgen Beyn
B4 Kolmogorov operators and SPDE
Principal Investigator: Michael Röckner
B5 Algebraic geometry, cohomology and abelian varieties
Principal Investigator: Thomas Zink
B8 Initial value problems for nonlinear dispersive equations at critical regularity
Principal Investigator: Sebastian Herr

C: Topological Methods in Algebra

C3 Topological and spectral structures in representation theory
Principal Investigator: Henning Krause
C7 Automorphic representations and their local factors
Principal Investigators: Michael Spieß, Werner Hoffmann, Andreas Nickel
C10 Local cohomology and support in representation theory
Principal Investigators: Henning Krause, Christopher Voll
C11 Algebraic and analytic aspects of holomorphic Lagrangian fibrations
Principal Investigator: Andriy Haydys
C12 Representation growth of arithmetic groups
Principal Investigator: Christopher Voll
C13 The geometry and combinatorics of groups
Principal Investigators: Kai-Uwe Bux, Barbara Baumeister

Z: Administrative Project

Z Administrative Project