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Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics
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November 20, 2017 – November 26, 2017


November 21, 2017

16:15 C0-269 Orientierende Praxisstudien
Mathematiker in der Industrie
Bernhard Balkenhol


November 22, 2017

14:15 V4-116 Oberseminar Gruppen und Geometrie
Uniform lattices acting on RAAG complexes
Jingyin Huang
15:15 C01-148 Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
A trace formula on $SL(3,Z)$ ∖ $SL(3,R)$ / $SO(3)$ $SL(3,Z)$ ∖ $SL(3,R)$ / $SO(3)$
Satoshi Wakatsuki
16:00 V3-201 Bielefeld Stochastic Afternoon
p-Adic Spatial Combinatorics
Yuri Kondratiev
16:30 C01-148 Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
A cuspidal analogue of Jacquet-Zagier's trace formula and its application to non-vanishing of L-values.
Masao Tsuzuki
17:00 V3-201 Bielefeld Stochastic Afternoon
Ito Formula for RPDEs and boundedness of solutions
Antoine Hocquet


November 23, 2017

17:15 V2-210/216 Mathematisches Kolloquium
A probabilistic view on a deterministic mutation-selection equation
Fernando Cordero


November 24, 2017

14:15 T2-213 Seminar Representation Theory of Algebras
The good old Brauer algebra from a modern view
Michael Ehrig