Faculty of Mathematics
Collaborative Research Centre 701
Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics
stripes SFB701

Project A1

Spectral theory of aperiodic order

Principal Investigator(s) Other Investigators
Michael Baake
Christian Huck
Jean Bellissard
Uwe Grimm
Tobias Jakobi
Natascha Neumärker
Eden Delight Provido
Timo Spindeler
Peter Zeiner


Systems with long-range deterministic or stochastic order are investigated, with methods from mathematical diffraction and dynamical systems theory. Special attention is paid to the corresponding inverse problem of structure determination from the diffraction measure.

Recent Preprints:

17026 Geometric Enumeration Problems for Lattices and Embedded Z-Modules PDF | PS.GZ
17025 On the logarithmic probability that a random integral ideal is $\mathscr A$-free PDF | PS.GZ
17024 Lyapunov exponents for binary substitutions of constant length PDF | PS.GZ
16060 What is Aperiodic Order? PDF | PS.GZ
16055 Spectral notions of aperiodic order PDF | PS.GZ
16024 On weak model sets of extremal density PDF | PS.GZ
16009 Diffraction theory and almost periodic distributions PDF | PS.GZ
15114 Coincidence indices of sublattices and coincidences of colorings PDF | PS.GZ
15079 On Pattern Entropy of Weak Model Sets PDF | PS.GZ
15070 Toeplitz flows and model sets PDF | PS.GZ