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A: Stochastic and dynamical processes

A1 Spectral theory of aperiodic order
A2 Numerical analysis of high dimensional transfer operators
A3 Stochastic dynamics and bifurcations
A4 Asymptotics of spectral distributions
A5 Stochastic evolutions in continuum
A6 Analysis and stochastic processes on metric measure spaces
A8 Fine properties of long-range operators and processes
A9 Dynamics and asymptotic behaviour of stochastic evolution systems
A10 Nonlocal operators

B: Spectral structures

B1 Asymptotic distributions, lattices and groups
B2 Combinatorial and topological structure of aperiodic tilings
B3 Numerical analysis of equivariant evolution equations
B4 Kolmogorov operators and SPDE
B5 Algebraic geometry, cohomology and abelian varieties
B6 Invariant harmonic analysis and Selberg zeta functions
B7 Analysis of discretization methods for nonlinear evolution equations
B8 Initial value problems for nonlinear dispersive equations at critical regularity

C: Topological methods in algebra

C1 Gauge theoretical methods in manifold theory
C2 Linear algebraic groups over arbitrary fields
C3 Topological and spectral structures in representation theory
C4 Milnor conjecture, Galois cohomology and algebraic cobordism
C5 p-adic symmetric spaces, p-adic uniformisation and L-functions
C6 Groups, buildings, and model theory
C7 Automorphic representations and their local factors
C8 Finiteness Properties of Infinite Discrete Groups
C10 Local cohomology and support in representation theory
C11 Algebraic and analytic aspects of holomorphic Lagrangian fibrations
C12 Representation growth of arithmetic groups
C13 The geometry and combinatorics of groups
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