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Prof. Dr. Wolf-Jürgen Beyn


Recent Preprints

05016 Resolvent estimates for boundary value problems on large intervals via the theory of discrete approximations PDF
06045 Numerical Fixed Grid Methods for Differential Inclusions PDF
07014 Shadowing for discrete approximations of abstract parabolic equations PDF
07025 On r-periodic orbits of k-periodic maps PDF
07039 A hybrid method for calculating Lyapunov exponents PDF
07047 Phase conditions, symmetries, and PDE continuation PDF
07069 Freezing Multipulses and Multifronts PDF
08028 Continuation of invariant subspaces for parameterized quadratic eigenvalue problems PDF
08077 Nonlinear stability of rotating patterns PDF
09030 Dynamics of Patterns in Nonlinear Equivariant PDEs PDF
09034 Two-sided error estimates for the stochastic theta method PDF
09048 The implicit Euler scheme for one-sided Lipschitz differential inclusions PDF
10007 An integral method for solving nonlinear eigenvalue problems PDF
10009 The global random attractor for a class of stochastic porous media equations PDF
10017 A set-valued implicit function theorem under relaxed one-sided Lipschitz conditions. PDF
10096 Error analysis of a hybrid method for computing Lyapunov exponents PDF
11024 Continuation of eigenvalues and invariant pairs for parameterized nonlinear eigenvalue problems PDF
11041 Galerkin finite element methods for semilinear elliptic differential inclusions PDF
11117 Continuation and collapse of homoclinic tangles PDF
12040 A numerical method for the solution of relaxed one-sided Lipschitz algebraic inclusions PDF
12099 Finding eigenvalues of holomorphic Fredholm operator pencils using boundary value problems and contour integrals PDF
13020 Stability and Computation of Dynamic Patterns in PDEs PDF
14068 Stochastic C-Stability and B-Consistency of Explicit and Implicit Euler-Type Schemes PDF
15030 Symbolic Coding for Noninvertible Systems: Uniform Approximation and Numerical Computation PDF
15101 Stochastic C-Stability and B-Consistency of Explicit and Implicit Milstein-Type Schemes PDF
16007 Spatial Decay of Rotating Waves in Reaction Diffusion Systems PDF
16022 Computation and Stability of Traveling Waves in Second Order Evolution Equations PDF
16039 Freezing Traveling and Rotating Waves in Second Order Evolution Equations PDF
16043 Fredholm Properties and $L^p$-Spectra of Localized Rotating Waves in Parabolic Systems PDF
17023 Semilinear Parabolic Differential Inclusions with One-sided Lipschitz Nonlinearities PDF

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