Faculty of Mathematics
Collaborative Research Centre 701
Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics
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Project C10

Local cohomology and support in representation theory

Principal Investigator(s) Other Investigators
Henning Krause
Christopher Voll
Ögmundur Eiríksson
Manuel Flores Galicia
Florian Gellert
Claudia Köhler
Philipp Lampe
Rebecca Reischuk
Julia Sauter
Greg Stevenson
Fajar Yuliawan


We will study local cohomology functors and support varieties for representations of finite dimensional algebras. Working in some appropriate derived category, we aim for classifications of thick and localizing subcategories. This provides a method to classify representations of finite dimensional algebras in terms of geometric, spectral, and combinatorial invariants, using techniques from differential graded homological algebra, commutative algebra, and stable homotopy theory.

Recent Preprints:

16036 Finite Group Schemes of p-rank $\le$ 1 PDF | PS.GZ
16008 Local functional equations for submodule zeta functions associated to nilpotent algebras of endomorphisms PDF | PS.GZ
15107 Monodromy Eigenvalues and Poles of Zeta Functions PDF | PS.GZ
15100 The Krull-Gabriel dimension of discrete derived categories PDF | PS.GZ
15099 Morphisms determined by objects and flat covers PDF | PS.GZ
15098 The artinian conjecture (following Djament, Putman, Sam, and Snowden) PDF | PS.GZ
15097 Stratification and $\pi$-cosupport: Finite groups PDF | PS.GZ
15096 Stratification for module categories of finite group schemes PDF | PS.GZ
15095 Deriving Auslander's formula PDF | PS.GZ
15093 Discrete triangulated categories PDF | PS.GZ