Faculty of Mathematics
Collaborative Research Centre 701
Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics
stripes SFB701

Project C3

Topological and spectral structures in representation theory

Principal Investigator(s) Other Investigators
Henning Krause
Ögmundur Eiríksson
Manuel Flores Galicia
Florian Gellert
Andrew Hubery
Philipp Lampe
Phillip Linke
Rebecca Reischuk
Claus Michael Ringel
Julia Sauter
Greg Stevenson
Dieter Vossieck
Fajar Yuliawan


We will continue to study the representations of finite-dimensional associative algebras as they arise in many parts of mathematics and mathematical physics. The main target will be to describe the general structure of the module category, its derived categories as well as related categories, in particular the homotopy category of perfect complexes. Combinatorial invariants lead to topological structures such as the Auslander-Reiten complex, the geometrical analysis deals with the spectral parameters involved.


Recent Preprints:

16036 Finite Group Schemes of p-rank $\le$ 1 PDF | PS.GZ
16003 Krull-Schmidt Categories and Projective Covers PDF | PS.GZ
16002 Highest Weight Categories and Recollements PDF | PS.GZ
16001 Categorification of non-crossing Partitions PDF | PS.GZ
15103 The monoidal structure on strict polynomial functors PDF | PS.GZ
15094 Irreducible components of quiver Grassmannians PDF | PS.GZ
15074 From complete to partial flags in geometric extension algebras PDF | PS.GZ
15073 On quiver Grassmannians and orbit closures for representation-finite algebras PDF | PS.GZ
15072 Cell decompositions of quiver flag varieties for nilpotent representations of the oriented cycle PDF | PS.GZ
15071 A geometric construction of generalized quiver Hecke algebras PDF | PS.GZ