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Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics
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Prof. Dr. Wolf-Jürgen Beyn

eMail: Homepage: http://www.math.uni-bielefeld.de/%7Ebeyn/AG_Numerik/html/en/people/index.html

Announced and most recent visits:

Arrival Departure Home Project(s)
November 30, -0001 June 30, 2013 B3

Recent Preprints:

17023 Semilinear Parabolic Differential Inclusions with One-sided Lipschitz Nonlinearities PDF | PS.GZ
16043 Fredholm Properties and $L^p$-Spectra of Localized Rotating Waves in Parabolic Systems PDF | PS.GZ
16039 Freezing Traveling and Rotating Waves in Second Order Evolution Equations PDF | PS.GZ
16022 Computation and Stability of Traveling Waves in Second Order Evolution Equations PDF | PS.GZ
16007 Spatial Decay of Rotating Waves in Reaction Diffusion Systems PDF | PS.GZ