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Prof. Dr. Henning Krause


Recent Preprints

10064 Colocalizing subcategories and cosupport PDF
10065 Approximations and adjoints in homotopy categories PDF
10067 Representations of Quivers via Reflection Functors PDF
10074 Introduction to Coherent Sheaves on Weighted Projective Lines PDF
10075 Expansions of Abelian Categories PDF
11006 Report on locally finite Triangulated Categories PDF
11023 Module categories for finite group algebras PDF
11050 The Bousfield lattice of a triangulated category and stratification PDF
11067 Localising subcategories for cochains on the classifying space of a finite group PDF
11104 Morphisms determined by objects in triangulated categories PDF
11118 The Gabriel-Roiter Filtration of the Ziegler Spectrum PDF
12017 Koszul, Ringel, and Serre duality for strict polynomial functors PDF
12073 Module categories for group algebras over commutative rings PDF
12082 Cohomological length functions PDF
13012 Abelian length categories of strongly unbounded type PDF
11143 Stratifying triangulated categories PDF
11144 Stratifying modular representations of finite groups PDF
13043 A Local-Global Principle For Small Triangulated Categories PDF
15095 Deriving Auslander's formula PDF
15096 Stratification for module categories of finite group schemes PDF
15097 Stratification and $\pi$-cosupport: Finite groups PDF
15098 The artinian conjecture (following Djament, Putman, Sam, and Snowden) PDF
15099 Morphisms determined by objects and flat covers PDF
15100 The Krull-Gabriel dimension of discrete derived categories PDF
16001 Categorification of non-crossing Partitions PDF
16002 Highest Weight Categories and Recollements PDF
16003 Krull-Schmidt Categories and Projective Covers PDF

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