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05018 Multiple planar coincidences with $N$-fold symmetry PDF
05019 Characterizations of model sets by dynamical systems PDF
06014 Solution of the coincidence problem in dimensions d≤4 PDF
06015 The structure of reversing symmetry groups PDF
06046 Discrete Tomography of Planar Model Sets PDF
06050 Coincidence site modules in 3-space PDF
06051 Pinwheel patterns and powder diffraction PDF
06052 A radial analogue of Poisson's summation formula with applications to powder diffraction and pinwheel patterns PDF
06053 Homometric model sets and window covariograms PDF
06056 Discrete Tomography of Penrose Model Sets PDF
07007 Pure point diffraction implies zero entropy for Delone sets with uniform cluster frequencies PDF
07017 Similar sublattices of the root lattice $A_4$ PDF
07064 Coincidence rotations of the root lattice $A_4$ PDF
07084 Coincidences in 4 dimensions PDF
08018 Diffraction of stochastic point sets: Exactly computable examples PDF
08072 Similarity versus Coincidence Rotations of Lattices PDF
08073 Homometric Point Sets and Inverse Problems PDF
08080 Periodic orbits of linear endomorphisms on the 2-torus and its lattices PDF
08102 The singular continuous diffraction measure of the Thue-Morse chain PDF
08103 A note on the dynamical zeta function of general toral endomorphisms PDF
08113 Can Kinematic Diffraction Distinguish Order from Disorder? PDF
09018 A note on the relation between fixed point and orbit count sequences PDF
09057 Surprises in aperiodic diffraction PDF
10013 Planar dynamical systems with pure Lebesgue diffraction spectrum PDF
10051 Diffraction of limit periodic point sets PDF
10059 Random point sets and their diffraction PDF
10080 Mathematical diffraction theory of deterministic and stochastic structures: An informal summary PDF
10083 Close-packed dimers on the line: diffraction versus dynamical spectrum PDF
11047 Kinematic diffraction from a mathematical viewpoint PDF
12019 Spectral and topological properties of a family of generalised Thue-Morse sequences PDF
12032 A Comment on the relation between diffraction and entropy PDF
12035 Orbit structure and (reversing) symmetries of toral endomorphisms on rational lattices PDF
12037 Squirals and beyond: Substitution tilings with singular continuous spectrum PDF
12041 Mathematical diffraction of aperiodic structures PDF
12102 On the notions of symmetry and aperiodicity for Delone sets PDF
12103 Some comments on the inverse problem of pure point diffraction PDF
12104 Random noble means substitutions PDF
12115 Hexagonal inflation tilings and planar monotiles PDF
12128 Examples of substitution systems and their factors PDF
12129 Squiral Diffraction PDF
13009 Similar sublattices of planar lattices PDF
13057 Dynamical versus diffraction spectrum for structures with finite local complexity PDF
13074 Scaling of the Thue-Morse diffraction measure PDF
13075 Recent progress in mathematical diffraction PDF
13076 Well-rounded sublattices of planar lattices PDF
14017 Dynamical properties of $k$-free lattice points PDF
14028 Diffraction Theory of Point Processes: Systems with Clumping and Repulsion PDF
15010 Ergodic properties of visible lattice points PDF
15061 Pair correlations of aperiodic inflation rules via renormalisation: Some interesting examples PDF
15062 Non-periodic systems with continuous diffraction measures PDF
15063 Aperiodic order and spectral properties PDF
15070 Toeplitz flows and model sets PDF
16055 Spectral notions of aperiodic order PDF
14076 Radial spacing distributions from planar points sets PDF
16056 A guide to lifting aperiodic structures PDF
17026 Geometric Enumeration Problems for Lattices and Embedded Z-Modules PDF
16060 What is Aperiodic Order? PDF
16024 On weak model sets of extremal density PDF
17027 Geometric properties of a binary non-Pisot inflation and absence of absolutely continuous diffraction PDF

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